Reflections of a Graduating Student

It’s strange for me to think about how in two weeks I will be starting my last round of law school final exams. To say that the last two and a half years have flown by would be a complete understatement. And so, I find myself reflecting, more now than ever, on those years and cherishing all of the memories that I have made. Because I often have first-year law students ask me “what is there to look forward to?” And while the question seems reasonable, especially because we are in the midst of virtual learning, it also feels personal.

When I first came to law school, I came in with a lot of uncertainty. I wasn’t sure what type of law I wanted to practice. I wasn’t sure whether I would make any good friends. I wasn’t even sure if Widener was the best fit for me yet because I hadn’t had the chance to visit over the summer. However, it became very clear after my first week of classes that there was nothing I needed to be uncertain about. The professors here are amazing and they are always willing to help you. The students here really care about each other and it was easy to make new friends. There is always something going on at the school for you to be a part of, even in the midst of virtual events. I also always felt supported, even when I decided to practice in an area of law that wasn’t as prevalent in this area.

I came in thinking that I wouldn’t belong and I am leaving wishing I had more time to stay. The great thing about Widener though is knowing that I am never really leaving. The alumni system is dedicated to staying in touch and helping out whenever they can. It’s a group that I am now excited to join here soon. It’s easy to think that law school will never end when you’re in the middle of doing the work but now that I am in the end it feels like yesterday that it just started.

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