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Welcome to the Widener Law Commonwealth’s Student Ambassador blog! We hope these posts will be valuable to you as you begin the law school application process. Please do not hesitate to reach out us with questions or blog topic ideas. Our contact information is listed on the law school student ambassador webpage which you can access by clicking Contact Us here or in the navigation.

Two WLC student ambassadors talking to Professor Johnson in front of the Library/Classroom Building.

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The Importance of a Good Schedule

Some people are morning people; others prefer to get things done at night. Some people are full-time students and others are part-time. Some people work in addition to attending law school and others don’t. Some people are in multiple student organizations, some are in one, and others aren’t in any. We all have pretty hectic … Continue reading The Importance of a Good Schedule

Brain Block? Take a Walk.

Time and time again, there is one point in each semester that I find myself stuck. Stuck in my head, turned around, confused, other thinking, over it. It usually comes after having taken several finals with more in the near future or after spending weeks writing a paper and the due date is in sight. … Continue reading Brain Block? Take a Walk.