What Great Staff Can Do

As many people say, law school is hard and challenging. ANY law school is hard and challenging, but there are many things that make this easier. One of the biggest pieces that makes law school easier is having a supportive and available staff. After touring many undergrad schools and law schools, I place Widener’s faculty above the rest. 

After finishing my first year, I have noticed that Widener Commonwealth Law professors are the most caring and giving professors that I have ever dealt with. With being online, they have separated themselves from the rest.

During the semesters, I could email any professor I had and I always got a response within an hour. These professors would answer questions in detail, offer to zoom, or even call me on their personal phones.

Further, the professors at Widener want to know you on more than just a teacher-student relationship. With over fifty students in each of their classes, they have come to learn everyone’s nickname, what level of law we want to do, and our favorite past times. These professors were available to discuss class hypotheticals, exam reviews, what nature trails to take, or even top notch bread and cookie recipes. With this type of connection, I felt like I knew my professors without actually ever meeting them face to face.

My favorite experience with Widener faculty was when I emailed my Torts professor that I was having an off day and was struggling. In law school, it is important to vent to people, and I felt comfortable enough to reach out to someone I trusted and who I knew has been in my shoes before. This professor went out of her way to ask me for my phone number, called me within ten minutes, and talked to me for an hour to tell me that how I was feeling was valid, that I was doing great, and that she was proud of me. When I heard those words I was relieved and ready to go back to studying. 

Beyond the professors, the support staff is the backbone of Widener Law. Although being on zoom has caused me to be somewhat more “techier,” I would not have made it through the semester without our faculty secretary and our media services director. These people have made themselves available 24/7 to help students tackle zoom law. The faculty secretary has been hard at work publishing each document for every class and handling all online quizzes and finals. Further, our media services director has been available at any time to help me get into my online account, to even showing me how to fix a printer (more times than I would like to admit). 

When deciding on attending a law school, know that when choosing Widener Commonwealth Law, you are accepting your admission, but you are also accepting a support system of professors and faculty that will be with you every step of the way, no matter how big or small. Good luck on your law school journey!

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