Make the Most of Your Internships

This summer, I was able to work two internships, one for school at Widener’s clinic and the other with a professor of mine working on research. Towards the end of the spring semester I was scrambling trying to find an internship, and I was able to connect with a professor after just talking after class and the clinic presented as a good opportunity for me to satisfy my experiential requirements for school.

I was trying to work with connections I had back home for a summer internship hopefully as a job and definitely as a source for experience, since being only in the classroom so far hasn’t provided the most amount of real-world law practice. While I was in the middle of searching with the help of a family friend at home, I stayed back after my Copyright & Trademark class with my professor to ask questions, which turned into her asking about my summer. I explained my situation and she offered me a spot to help out with a project for her this summer working with her firm. I was able to learn a lot more about Trademark law which I became very interested in from her class, and make a connection with a professor willing to help me with the job search after school. I learned that it is incredibly important and can be extremely helpful to speak with your professors, since you never know what can come from it.

For the clinic, I knew that it was an option that existed for me to obtain my experiential credits out of the classroom and I was unsure what to expect. During the seven weeks there in the summer semester, I got more out of the experience than I thought I would. I learned a lot about different areas of law and how they work, but more importantly about working with other interns and bouncing ideas off of each other proved very helpful. Additionally, we were all able to help each other out figuring out what next steps to take in our case, drafting documents, and breaking down cases with each other, and we simply worked very well together. The experience there taught me a lot about what I want to look for in a firm when I’m job searching, and I’m glad I had other students with me to go through that experience with.

The summer was definitely difficult managing both of these internships as well as a class, but like every semester it always works out and the work gets done. I’m glad I took advantage of both of these opportunities and got a lot out of them both.

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