Law School: Post Zoom

Finally, after a whole year of Zoom law school, Widener Commonwealth Law is back in-person! Seeing the campus for the first time as a 2L felt bizzare. Being able to meet my professors and peers after a year of only getting to know them through a screen was well worth it. Instead of logging onto Zoom with a minute to spare and logging off as the professor says, “that is all for today,” my peers and I finally get the chance to small talk, make plans for the weekend, stress about upcoming assignments, and create memories together that we never had the opportunity to do last year. 

But with all this fun and excitement of meeting new people and making plans, it is easy to forget our workloads. After your first 1-2 weeks of law school, it is important that you create your own schedule and stick to it! What has worked for me is that I do all of my assigned readings and case briefings the day/night before my classes. By doing it that way, I give myself plenty of time to read and brief the cases, so I can find exactly what concept or rule is being applied and examined. After my classes, I add to my outlines right away. Sometimes if I have some free time before bed, I watch Themis and Barbri videos, which are third-party bar prep providers that provide free videos and outlines for law school students, to visualize how these concepts and rules are used. During the weekends, I use my time to apply to internships, write cover letters, study for midterms, and, most importantly, relax and make memories with my friends. Three years of law school may seem like a lot, especially after completing undergrad; however, the time goes by super fast. It is important to study hard in law school, but also, to enjoy the experience.

Law school is hard work and a lot of pressure. But it is doable. Don’t let anyone tell you, even if it is someone you admire or trust, that it is too hard for you. Everyone at law school is different. Different passions. Different work ethics. Different study habits. And different outlooks on life. So that means you don’t have to be like anyone else. Be yourself. Develop and adopt your own way of learning and succeeding. Most importantly, do not compare yourself to others. 

Law school is a marathon. Widener Commonwealth Law will hand out waters and towels for you throughout your race. But it is up to you to get yourself to cross that finish line and finish strong!

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