Public Interest Practice in PA

I have lived around Harrisburg my entire life. I have a passion for public policy and public service. Living near a capital city has so many upsides, and practicing law in a capital city has even more upsides. If you are looking to practice law as part of government service, Widener has ample opportunities for you.

The Law & Government Institute is a great way to get connected in Harrisburg. So many government agencies hire law students, providing great opportunities for students to start a role in administrative law. Many of these positions aren’t partisan and are good for students on both sides of the aisle.

Widener is also a great place for students hoping to work at the Capitol in either the House or Senate. The Offices of General Counsel within each caucus frequently hire law students to immerse themselves in the legislative process and the litigation that follows.

As a capital city, Harrisburg is also home to outstanding opportunities to work for state courts and for state court judges. In addition to state courts, Harrisburg is home to a federal courthouse for the Middle District of Pennsylvania. Here, students have the opportunity to work for the U.S. Attorney, federal Public Defender, or take advantage of Widener’s excellent program to place students in clerkships with federal judges.

I took advantage of many of these opportunities, working in a District Attorney’s Office and in the Pennsylvania State Senate. The relationships you build in these fields will provide invaluable experience in public interest work. If you’re not sure where to go to find these positions, just ask our Career Services team or reach out to the Law & Government Institute.

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