Life as a 3L

When you are a 1L, being a 3L seems unfathomable. One moment you are jumping into a completely new experience, with new people, tackling more work than you had your entire college career. You are navigating note taking, writing projects, and creating outlines for every class. You aren’t thinking about being a 3L let alone the end of your 1L year. You are present in the chaos and soaking up as much information as you can. As a 3L, I can say a lot has changed since my 1L year. I don’t have class as often which has allowed me to work a part time job and extern at not one, but two placements. I have had more time to network, build connections, and start figuring out what I want to do with the rest of my life. I have been preparing for the upcoming summer which will include nothing but bar prep, making arrangements for the 10 weeks of intense studying that will be happening starting June. I have more time to focus on my mental health and physical health because of the flexibility of my schedule and finally feel like I am caught up on work. I say all of this to say, no matter where you are in your law school journey (whether that is applying, being accepted or starting your first year), it does get easier. You do feel like you’ve got the hang of it after two intense years of schooling and start navigating test taking differently. You know your study habits and understand how to prioritize your time to suit your needs. You’ve made the connections during your first and second year that you are now utilizing while starting to job hunt. You feel more confident in yourself and your decision to pursue a law degree. Although law school is not easy, it gets better. You may feel like you are drowning in work, anxiety, and the unknown, but it all will make sense when the pieces start falling together towards the end of your law school journey. Trust and embrace the process, it will treat you well.

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