The Importance of a Good Schedule

Some people are morning people; others prefer to get things done at night. Some people are full-time students and others are part-time. Some people work in addition to attending law school and others don’t. Some people are in multiple student organizations, some are in one, and others aren’t in any. We all have pretty hectic schedules in law school. It’s important to make sure that we are all doing everything that needs to be done. I myself juggle school, work, and student organizations, so it was extremely important for me to sit down and figure out when I’d be getting things done. I had to schedule work around classes, study time around work, and my responsibilities to student organizations around everything else. However, I still make sure to reserve time time to myself away from all responsibilities. I make sure I have time to go to the gym, occasionally visit home, and sometimes just do nothing. Having a schedule for yourself ensures that you stay on track with everything that you may have going on and allows you to make time for yourself. I strongly suggest that everyone makes a schedule that they are able to stick to!

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