Self Care Sundays

You may have read in our previous posts advice and tips on being successful in law school, but it seems like we tend to overlook the most important tip: self-care. Without taking time for yourself and your wellbeing, may that be physical or mental, there is a higher risk of burning out.

Law school burnout is real and affects many of us. As we are now halfway through the semester, the workload, stress, and pressure may feel even more intense than it did a couple of weeks ago (if that is even possible). The effects of burning out can be catastrophic on our goals, our mental well-being, and our academic performance. When we don’t feel the best that is reflected in our work. Every student should take time for themselves and the things they enjoy. Whether it’s going to the gym, watching TV, doing spa days, or making time for family and friends we all deserve a break every now and then. By taking the time for yourself, your academic performance betters, your social interactions better, and your mental health thanks you.

Remember: Law school is not easy. It’s okay to take a break and check up on yourself. It’s the little things in life that keep us going, so prioritize yourself, so you can better every other aspect of your life.

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