Involvement: How Much Is Too Much?

As a Law School student, no matter which division you’re in, it is difficult to decide which organizations/activities to get involved in and how many you can handle. The rule of thumb is quality over quantity. I don’t mean to quote Admissions staff from various schools that provide this answer when asked what qualifications they look for on an applicant’s resume, but the sentiment of that answer rings true. You will feel more fulfilled if you find something you’re passionate about and get involved at a deeper level than just being a “general member” as opposed to being a general member of a variety of organizations.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t sign up for more than one organization when you start your Law School journey. Sign up for as many as you please! But do so with the idea that you are testing the waters to discover what peaks your interest, where you can see yourself thriving, and what best fits your schedule. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a step back from an organization if it is too much to handle on top of your classes and non-school responsibilities, or if it simply does not fuel your fire.

With this in mind, when you come to Law School, don’t get caught up in the array of organizations waiting for your membership. Find your passion and do some soul searching to figure out what will be a mutually beneficial relationship for yourself and the organization. Know your limits. Take it from someone who LOVES to pack their schedule, biting off more than you can chew is painful.

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