Author: carolyndreer

Post Graduation Opportunities

The stress and difficulties of applying to law school, the hours of studying, the late nights, and the difficult exams are all worth it in the end when the very reason for wanting to go to and attending law school comes to fruition.

Getting a job after graduation is the reason why almost all law students go to law school. There are goals and dreams that can only be achieved after enduring the grueling three to four years of schooling. For me, I had a few possible goals for what I wanted to do after law school, one of which was becoming a military JAG. As a child of a Servicemember, I always thought joining the military would be an exciting experience that would provide me opportunities like no other while also contributing to something bigger than myself. Once I figured out that I wanted to be a lawyer, I thought to myself, “how great would it be to merge the two.” (“The two” being the military and being a lawyer.) At the beginning of my 1L year, I attended several of our Career Development Office’s lunch and learns for the various branches to hear about the opportunities that each branch offered. It was through at that I learned the road to becoming a JAG.

To start my journey, I applied for the Army 2L internship for the summer before my 3L year. I was selected to be one of the about 75 interns that would be placed at various Army installations around the world. To Fort Rucker, Alabama I went! It was such a fun and rewarding experience. I was given challenging writing assignments that strengthened my writing abilities. I also had the opportunity to attend military legal proceedings. In addition to these, I was able to learn about what Army lawyers do outside the office – I was taken on a helicopter flight (so cool!), did PT with my office in the (early) mornings, and completed a Special Forces obstacle course (super hard but so fun). These experiences (yes, even the early morning PT) solidified my desire to join the military as a JAG. I applied, and this past September, was notified that I was selected for commissioning. One of my life long dreams is finally coming true after years of hard work.

The news that I had a confirmed job after law school graduation was so rewarding and exciting. Widener Law Commonwealth helped me greatly in getting where I am today. Through WLC’s wonderful and knowledgeable professors that taught me the ins and outs of the law, the plethora of leadership opportunities available of which I took advantage, and the amazing friendships that I have formed over the years, I have achieved my dreams.

In addition to the Army and the other branches, through the years, WLC graduating students have earned post-graduation positions at a myriad of prestigious firms and organizations as well as with federal and state courts. WLC’s placement as the only law school in the commonwealth’s capital, our students have access to positions with the state government and court system as well as positions in the federal court system.

Hard work and dedication truly payoff in the end. I am grateful for all the opportunities that I received while at Widener.

Well Deserved Break

Every semester ends with the dreaded finals season. No matter how exciting the semester was, finals season is not a fun time and it brings a new set of challenges. Attempting to predict what your professor will ask and studying hard from before Thanksgiving through the two weeks after, it is no doubt a physically, mentally, and emotionally draining time for every student. Some students have a finals schedule that is sufficiently spread out, while others have some finals back to back. The key to success is managing your time wisely and doing your best.

After this crazy finals season has ended and in the awkward time between the holidays, law students sometimes find themselves wondering what to do with themselves over the winter break. The creeping thoughts in the back of your mind nagging that you are forgetting to do some assignment or that you should be studying or updating your outlines will be a constant struggle to fend off in those short few weeks. Not to mention the struggle of having to wait until January for grades to be released. One might ask what to do.

I prefer to keep busy during these down times in an effort to ward off those creeping thoughts. Whether it be doing some sudoku puzzles, watching some awesome and cheesy holiday movies (shoutout to the Hallmark Channel), or browsing online and brick-and-mortar stores for some sweet deals, I always find something to do. While it is incredibly important to maintain activities that are not related in any way to law school, both during the semester and during breaks, I also plan to spend this Winter Break doing some research for a Widener Commonwealth professor. I thoroughly enjoy doing this research and it helps keep the boredom away. Not to mention that it is very rewarding!

Many second and third year students have found it rewarding to work during the break between semesters. There are so many great opportunities that Widener Commonwealth students have during both the regular semester and breaks. The ability to make and sustain professional connections, whether or not you plan on staying in the Susquehanna Valley, is valuable for your future career. Other students love to travel during breaks, with the obvious exception of this year.

Whether you are planning on occupying yourself by working or by leisurely enjoying the break, relish your semester breaks. It is a time to recharge and renew yourself before getting back into grind of the semester. No matter what you do, enjoy the well deserved break.

No one escapes the dreaded finals season, but don’t worry, we all make it through.