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Welcome to Widener!

Hi! My name is Shelby and I am a third-year student here at Widener Law Commonwealth. I am also the President of the Student Ambassador Club, which is focused on providing both interested and incoming students with as much advice, information, and help as we can provide in making the decision to attend Widener. Each week, a Student Ambassador will be writing about a topic of his or her choosing. This is my week!

I will admit, at first, that I struggled in choosing a topic to write about. I think this is because my “school life” has changed significantly for myself and many others. We have made the transition from in-person, on-campus schooling to virtual, at-home schooling. This has been a weird transition, but a transition I will never forget.

This transition has made me appreciate the community that Widener Commonwealth offers, which I think many large schools do not. Due to our relatively small class sizes, I feel that I have been able to get to know my classmates, professors, and school administrators on a much deeper and more personal level than I would have been able to, had I gone to a larger school.

I think this is one of the biggest “positives” that Widener Commonwealth has to offer its students. I have made so many close friends and made connections with professors that I know will are here to help me through law school as well as with life after I graduate.

A small school is certainly a change from the large universities that many of us come from, but it has been a wonderful change. I will always appreciate the connections – both personal and professional – that I have made here at Widener.

Welcome to the Widener Law Commonwealth Student Ambassador Blog

Choosing a law school is a very personal decision. Often your choice will come down to which school is the right “fit” for you. Part of “fit” is campus culture and at Widener Law Commonwealth our Student Ambassadors are your liaisons to the law school experience.

Our Student Ambassador blog takes back the curtain and lets you behind the scenes into the everyday lives of Widener Law Commonwealth students. You will read about their triumphs and struggles. Their experience will give you insight on what it takes to succeed in law school so that you can enter better prepared for the opportunities ahead.

I wish you the best of luck on your path to law school. Do not hesitate to reach out if there is anything I can help you with.

Best regards,
Matthew V. Kerns
Associate Dean of Admissions

Welcome to WLC!

Welcome to the Widener Law Commonwealth Student Ambassador blog. During this academic year, our students will share the joys and challenges of law school, as well as student life experiences beyond academics. I expect this blog will provide insight and inspiration to everyone in the process of deciding if law school, and a career in law, is right for them.

Additionally, our Students Ambassadors are happy to address your questions and thoughts. Our students have a varied background in their education and legal areas of interest; hence, you are likely to find a student who is an alum from your undergraduate school, or who is pursuing the area of interest to you. From across Pennsylvania and states beyond, our Student Ambassadors have formed a bond–through the rigors of law school and the support of the campus community–at Widener Law Commonwealth.

Of course, the Admissions Office is always available to assist you, and we look forward to working with you in the coming year to begin your law school journey and your legal career.

All the best,

Tom Foley, Director of Admissions